The world cross-country championship continued by Baja Poland where Martin Kolomý achieved a hattrick despite a collision with a passenger car. Karel TRněný piloted the Tatra Phoenix to collect experience but did not finish the competition after being trapped on the road. 

Saturday  In the course of the first Saturday test, at fiftieth kilometre, Martin Kolomý contacted a passenger car pilot who, letting Martin Macík in front of him, returned to his lane right in front of the front wheels of Tatra 815 Fat Boy.
“We had to stop and repair the tyre pumps as the tyres began to lose air after the clash,“
was René Kilian´s description of the situation. Even with that stop the crew of Martin Kolomý achieved the best time and moved up to the lead of the competition.
“In the course of the second pass, however, we did not manage to accelerate. The problem was the destroyed road on which passenger cars drove much more slowly and we caught up with them quite often. Some did not want to let us go and made the situation even more complicated,“
added René. In the third test Tatra 815 ranged twelve in the absolute ranking as the only truck among passenger cars! 
”It was real nice today. Unfortunately there was a lot of dust everywhere and the sunset towards the end of the day dazzled us and so we did not see much. What is important, though, is that both trucks are here and we can continue tomorrow,“ 
said Kolomý in the evening.  
Karel Trněný and Václav Pritzl are collecting brand new experience in Poland, as they are mainly known to motor sport fans from the Czech rally scene with vehicles of WRC specification.
“We entered this competition with great respect. As I keep saying from t he beginning, the main thing is to finish the race. The first pass today was a great pity. The boys helped me a lot. The second pass was a little better but I was absolutely exhausted towards the end. I am not used to such long stages. Even though we slowed down for the last thirty kilometres we improved our rank. Above all, I am glad we are here,“
said Trněný.  
Sunday   Sunday was marked by four measured sections in the total length of 100 kilometres. The second test through a marshland had to be cancelled by the organizers. The first marshland pass buried all hopes of Karel Trněný as well as Martin Macík, who were trapped there. Nothing could stop Martin Kolomý, who passed the finish line as the quickest trucker of all.
“A much successful day, I think. The organizers prepared for us a two-kilometre-long trap, the marsh, but we off-road marathon pilots are used to things like that. The others stayed trapped there, which is a pity. But we managed victory, the third in a row this year, so we are very happy. That was another nice training for Dakar,”
was Kolomý´s praise of the Polish competition, after he ranked twelve in the absolute ranking as the only truck among passenger cars!  

Unfortunately, Karel Trněný did not bring his premiere at the steering wheel of Tatra Phoenix to a successful end as he had to give up the competition after being trapped in the marshland.
“Today was completely different from yesterday. The builder of the track did not count with trucks very much and so the route was sometimes really narrow. I even hit a tree, which I regret indeed. In the course of the next test we approached the place of the fatal error of Macík where he was trapped before us. Although he showed me to drive to the left, I sent my truck a little to the side and we ended there as well. We were unable to pull the truck out ourselves and when they helped us out, our truck stopped working. I regret we are not in the finish but still every kilometre was very instructive for us,“
said Trněný after withdrawal from the competition.

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