Monaco shines under a sunny spring like day when the French crew, Thierry Magnaldi and Francois Borsotto, along with the assistance team of the 2WD team pass the technical and administrative scrutineering at the Rondelli Stadium. “The 2WD buggy was ready when it arrived to Monaco, says Thierry Magnaldi, so we passed the scrutineering controls quickly during a beautiful day and in front of a big crowd of fans! Then, we took the buggy to the parc fermé located at the Quai Antoine 1er in Monaco.”
Saturday, December 31st, the start of the Africa Eco Race 2017 was launched from the Quai Antoine 1er, under the patronage of Adriana Carambeu. In the morning, the teams were invited to the Stars ‘N’ Bars close to the parc fermé, where breakfast was served. At 11 am, the 2WD buggy #208 went on the traditional starting podium before loading in a trailer.

“We are now heading to Sete (France) to take the boat, continues the French driver. Now we have two more nights to go before arriving to Nador in Morocco. After that, in January 2, we will attack the race by a small special stage of 85 km and then a road connection to get to Er Racchidia, where the bivuac is located.Francois and I are calm, because the car is extremely well prepared and we’ve spent the last couple of days quietly, with no stress. Now, like everyone else, we can’t wait to get to Africa and begin this new challenge!”

The appointment for the first special stage of Africa Eco Race is on January 2. In the meantime, we wish everyone a Happy New Year to everyone!

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