The special stage Oruro – La Paz was cancelled, and those of La Paz – Uyuni and Uyuni – Salta were shortened… We´d say that Pachamama (mother Earth) and makes the Dakar even more difficult. After the Marathon Stage, the Dakar is back in Argentina, but the water continues to fall and heavy rains caused a mud slide that took away part of a village and created a mud lake on the road, 23 km from Tilcara. So, the entire Dakar, assistance cars and competitors, were blocked in Tilcara, a small touristy village. After some hours, the organization allowed to continue the way to the next bivouac through Pumamarca to San Antonio de Los Cobres and then Salta, part of the Service cars (4x4 and 6x6) but competitors not their motorhomes nor other vehicles without 2 or 4wd… Then, they authorized assistance to take place and competitors slept in Tilcara for safety reasons.
The Dakar then was divided in two, but the special stage “super Belen” from Salta to Chilecito was cancelled and everyone is joining Chilecito by the road.
Arrived at 11 pm, the crews arrived to the improvised bivouac that Xtremeplus put in Tilcara. The first to arrive was Ravil Maganov #378:

“Today, it was only rain, stones and mud! Says Ravil. But everything Works well for us in this marathon stage.!”

Second to arrive to Tilcara were the Brazilian team composed of Leandro Torres and Lourival Roldan #351 are happy to get to their motorhome.

 “I had 2h30 time ahead of Mao, but at the parc fermé in Uyuni, I threw my camel bag to my brother over the fence and a steward saw me and I took a one-hour penalty. Well, I am still 1h30 ahead!”

Mao Rujin and Sebastien Delaunay had some engine troubles in high altitude, while the other two Chinese teams arrived without difficulties.

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