The Silk Way Rally makes a stop at Urdzhar for the 6th stage. The small town is located east in Kazakhstan and is closer to the Chinese frontier that competitors will cross tomorrow. The first part of the special stage was very similar to yesterday; fast tracks in the steppe and some fields, but the second, towards the end, took competitors through a region of small mountains and narrow roads.
The start of the 6th special had a pleasant environment and competitors were relaxed. Eugenio Amos is back in shape after a night of 8-hour sleep. He is also more calm this morning, and took the start in the 24th position (cars and trucks together), because the trucks were faster on yesterday’s stage.
Having find a good pace, the 2WD Buggy #115 had some difficulties taking over some drivers that would not move away when the Sentinel (horn that alerts competitors) went on. Despite of it, the 2WD buggy took the 10th position in the provisional ranking in 3h46´35, only 30´29 from stage winner Stephane Peterhansel. In the overall ranking, the crew takes the 8th position, 1'33 from Pelichet/Decrée…

“This was not an easy stage, because at the beginning, no one let me go through, says Eugenio at the Urdzhar bivouac. But when I saw there was enough room, I attacked, and quite fast I think! This time, I followed some traces, even if I didn’t have much visibility. There was an indication of a small wooden bridge that told cars should go on the bridge and trucks on the left, but when we passed it, it went down, and we were blocked. Luckily that the Astana truck #310 was super nice and helped us out, and we lost like 5 minutes… Then, in the last 100 km, I did them without power steering… which has destroyed my arms and hands, but here we are with the 2WD buggy, like every day! This is a great machine!”

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