Stage 4: Assa – Remz el Quebir
Liaison: 0 km – Special stage: 409 km – Liaison: 0 km – Total: 409 km

Stage 4 was a classic for the Africa Eco Race. Rene Metge did not want to change anything compared to last year´s trace as it was the most special stage in Morocco. 

“It was a real gift for drivers, the tracks were so nice!” he said. The first part of the stage was quite fast with beautiful sandy tracks until Msied, but with some navigation. Then, the race was the same as it was in 2016, a stony and sinuous track, but broken. The end of the stage was even nicer with magnificent landscapes."

Thierry Magnaldi and Francois Borsotto intended to take time back from Vasilyev, and today, they accomplished their mission. After a 409 km timed section, the 2WD team takes the stage victory and also 4’16 from the Russian, which takes them to the second overall position, 27’25 behind.

“We took the start from the bivouac, without liaison, for a very nice timed section, it was 100 percent enjoyable. At km 70, we took over Vasilyev, who had a puncture. Then, we made a small navigation mistake and he caught us but we took back the lead very quickly and drove the rest of the time in front of him.
Navigation was hard, because the tracks were not marked in the soil and sometimes we hesitated whether it was 15 or 30 seconds… Arriving to km 150, we had a puncture and when we got off the car, we saw it was a small puncture, so we decided to manage it with the compressor.”

Tomorrow, the special stage has been shortened because a broken dam in the Layoun region.

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