There were five crews driving the Polaris RZR 1000XT+30 – three rookies included – taking the start of the Dakar 2017 at Asuncion, Paraguay, and all five crossed the finish line in Buenos Aires! Last year, Xtremeplus Polaris Factory took four rookies to the finish line… However, the team Xtremeplus no longer needs to prove that its machines are the perfect way to start racing in four wheels and get in touch with our beautiful discipline of cross country rally.
This year, ASO (Dakar rally’s organizer) decided to create a new category, the SSV and for this very first time, the Brazilian team of LEANDRO TORRES AND LOURIVAL ROLDAN win it! It is a victory that will stay in the Dakar’s history. “It is my second Dakar, says Leandro at the finish line. I started in cross country rally last year, in Merzouga, and now I take the victory of the first edition of the SSV category in the Dakar, this is incredible! My dream has come true!
It was hard, but very different compared to last year. I was more aggressive and I adore the special stages that change the type of soil every day: stones, soft sand, and all… but the road connections were very long and difficult because of the temperatures that went from 50 to about 5 Celsius degrees…”
The Chinese team of Wang Fujiang and Li Wei #386 took the second place overall, only 4’42 from Torres/Roldan and take the “rookie” category in SSV!

“This is amazing, explains the co-driver, Li Wei. It was a fantastic experience! I learned with a master of navigation in China, Liyo, who finishes the Dakar on the 18th position. In two years, he taught me how to drive. The first stages were difficult because of the high heat and we thought we would never make it… we even had to drive at night. We have never done that before, but Marco kept us motivated. Then, we keep progressing day after day and we finished as the first rookies! Incredible!”

The young Russian, Ravil Maganov and his co-driver Kirill Shubin, finished on the third place. The impetuous Russian paid his mistakes at the beginning of the race.

 “To me, this was like war against myself. The RZR works great and I found navigation was easy, except one or two days. Physically, it didn’t seem so hard to me…”

The last 64 kilometers of the last special stage of the Dakar’s 39th version were announced as tricky, but you still must go to Rio Cuarto on time to take the start of it. “The day before yesterday, says Sebastien Delaunay, we broke the gear and we changed it on the track, but we arrived to San Juan around 8 and around 4:30 am to Rio Cuarto… in the morning!” 

“I love the Dakar!” 

says Mao Rujin, who closes his second participation in the world’s toughest race in the 4th place.
Fifth overall, the Chinese crew of Li Dongsheng and Quanqian Guan #374.
Regarding the French team in Africa Race, Frederic Pitout and Herve Lavergne, they finished 18th overall with their Polaris RZR 1000+30.
We wish everyone a wonderful 2017 and see you soon in our new adventures!