Once again, the special stage started at the bivouac on a sandy track that arrived to a beautiful canyon that opens into the rocky plain before the Erg Chegaga. This portion of 25 km of dunes were not the easiest way to get to Lac Iriki. The last part was a kids’ game for navigators as it is a large track marked with beacons that represent the frontier with Algeria. The special stage was demanding for competitors due to the change of pace that the stage required due to the different kinds of soil. The finish line of the stage was located at Ichit, but there were still 92 km to get to Assa.
Thierry Magnaldi and Francois Borsotto left this morning, eager to take some time back in the dunes, and the trucks took the start before them.

“We took the start at 9:10 am for a 433 km stage, tells Thierry. I am quite happy to have passed them all with the 2WD because it is an incredible racing machine and I am having fun on it. Unfortunately, Francois and I, we´ve spent some time apart from the races, so it will take a bit to make automatic. I wanted to take over a truck at the dunes´ skirts and I stalled and lost 5 minutes… then, the track was quite tricky broken and dusty, so I could not get too close to the truck to launch my Sentinel. So, I had to wait until the great lake to be able to take him over. Our satisfaction is still great as we are taking the second place in the standings, behind Vasilyev.
The good news is that it is less cold. We spent two nights at -2, -3 Celsius!"

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