Entries are open. You may benefit from the reduced entry fees up to April 3rd. 
New this year: to facilitate the procedures, no more entry forms nor order forms to fill out, registrations are done online. 
You register directly on the rally’s website. Once your account has been created, you can manage your registration at your own pace (you must of course respect the deadlines).

2017 Silk Way Rally is: 
Entries at very competitive rates :
•In race category, 6 500€ /pers (reduced entry fees till April 3rd, 2017) 7800€/pers (standard rates from April 4th to June 1st) 
•In service category, 3 500 €/ pers (mechanic, team manager) 
•Free entry fees for 100 % women crews 
•No additional fees for vehicles 
•Free entry fees for Team Managers entering a minimum of 3 racing vehicles.
It is also: 
•3 countries being crossed: Russia, Kazakhstan and China 
•14 legs, 1 rest day in Urumqi in China 
•A route of approximately 9 500 kms

Regarding service category, the route, totally accessible in two-wheel-drive vehicles, enables all types of vehicles (cars, trailers, vans, trucks, semi-trailers, campers, motorhomes), without any additionnal fee for vehicles.

2017 SILK WAY RALLY Program

10th January 2017 Opening of entries – Start of reduced entry fees
4th April 2017 Start of standard entry fees
1st June 2017 Closure of entries
5th and 6th July 2017 Administrative checks and scrutineering in Moscow
7th July 2017 Start podium on the Red Square in Moscow 
8th to 22th 2017 14 legs and 1 rest day
16th July 2017 Rest day in Urumqi, in China 
22nd July 2017 Prize giving in Xi’an

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