Baja TT Vindimas do Alentejo: Lista de inscritos MOTO

Baja TT Vindimas do Alentejo: Lista de inscritos MOTO


Lista de inscritos Moto: Descarregue PDF aqui

Lista de inscritos Quad: Descarregue PDF aqui


1   Daniel Jordão YAMAHA WR TT2
2   Salvador Vargas HUSQVARNA TT2
5   Gonçalo Amaral HONDA CRF TT1
11   Bruno Borrego KTM TT2
17   Luis Albuquerque YAMAHA WR TT2
20   Gonçalo Fantasia HONDA TT1
32   Pedro Martins KTM EXC TT2
33   Ivan Damoso HONDA CRF RX TT2
47   Artur Cotrim KTM EXC TT3
34   Edgar Roberto SHERCO TT3
35   Pedro Saude KTM EXC TT2
36   Renato Mendes SUZUKI RMZ TT1
37   Fancisco Lopes KTM TT3
38   José Mira KTM EXC TT2
39   Ruben Cabrita KAWASAKI TT1
40   Martim Martins KTM EXC TT2
42   Sandro Soeiro HONDA CRF TT2
44   Marco Cardoso HUSQVARNA  
45   Gonçalo Saude KTM EXC  
46   Gonçalo Branquinho KAWASAKI TT2
47   Micael Simão KTM EXC – F TT2
51   João Parreira KTM EXC - F  
52   Luis Nogueira HUSQVARVA TE  
53   João Rodrigues YAMAHA WR - 450  
54   Pedro Pinheiro HUSQVARVA TE  
55   Rafael Godinho KTM EXC  
56   José Maria Urbano HONDA CRF  
57   Helder Alexandre HUSQVARNA  
58   Carlos Rosmaninho YAMAHA  
59   José Magro KTM EXC  
60   Pedro Guilherme Nhã KTM XC  
61   José Rijo Husqvarna FE250  
217   Luis Engeitado YAMAHA YFZ TT QUAD
205   Marco Correia YAMAHA YFZ TT QUAD
206   Carlos Teles Ribeiro HONDA TRX TT QUAD
207   Nelson Raposo YAMAHA YFM TT QUAD
208   Marco Pedroso YAMAHA YFZ TT QUAD
209 Team Arnaldo Martins Gallos Grup Goldsseped Luis Fernandes YAMAHA YFZ-R TT QUAD
210   Bruno Silva SUZUKI LTR TT QUAD
211   Gonçalo Freitas HONDA TRX TT QUAD
212   Steve Abrantes KTM EXC - F TT QUAD
213   MicKael Santos SUZUKI LTR TT QUAD
214   Filipe Rodrigues SUZUKI LTR TT QUAD

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