Lista de equipas SSV participantes na Baja TT Capital dos Vinhos de Portugal 2020, que se realiza em Reguengos de Monsaraz de 25 a 27 de Setembro.


301 JB Racing Pedro Santinho Mendes Bombardier Mavercik  
302 Vitória FC by SGS CAR Pedro Carvalho Can AM X3  
André Guerreiro
303 The Racing Factory / SpeedFreak Vitor Santos Can AM Maverick  
Gregório Pereira
304 Team Sharish / South Racing João Monteiro CAN AM X3  
Manuel Pereira
305 Benimoto Racing João Dias CAN AM X3  
307 Team CAN AM OffRoad Portugal Luis Cidade Can Am X3 XRC  
Pedro Mendonça
309   Nuno Fontes Bombardier CAN AM Maverick  
José Sá Pires
310   Avelino Luis CAN AM X3  
311   Roberto Borrego CAN AM Maverick X3  
Nuno Abrantes
312 Vitória FC by SGS CAR Luis Portela Morais CAN AM X3  
Tomás Neves
313 The Racing Factory Pedro Ferreira CAN AM Maverick X3  
Hugo Magalhães
315 The Racing Factory / SpeedFreak Lourenço Rosa Can Am  
Joaquim Dias
316 Benimoto Racing Filipe Cameirinha CAN AM X3  
Nuno Cavaco
317 Yamaha / Bluemotor Mário Franco Yamaha YXZ 1000R  
Nuno Matias Guilherme
319 JB Racing Tiago Guerreiro CAN AM XRS  
Pedro Santos
320   João Conde Polaris RZR  
322 JB Racing Gonçalo Guerreiro CAN AM XRS  
João Miranda
323 Filipesport José Garcia CAN AM Maverick X3  
Tiago Garcia
325   Mário Ferreira CAN AM XRS Turbo  
Rui Pita
326   Paulo Fernandes Polaris RZR  
327   David Gomes Polaris RS1  
329   Fernando Pinheiro Yamaha YXZ 1000R SS  
Ricardo Rocha
330 MS Motors/Bacno Primus Nelson Saramago Polaris RZR 1000E  
João Paulo Moreira
331 Benimoto Racing Nelson Caxias CAN AM X3  
334 JB Racing Dorothéé Ferreria CAN AM X3 XRS  
Tiago Silva
337 Team Sharish Gin / South Racing Nilton Lopes CAN AM X3  
Ângela Pestana
338 Team Sharish Gin / South Racing António Cuco Bombardier CAN AM Maverick  
Patricia Cuco
339   David Rodrigues CAN AM Maverick X3  
Claudia Ramos
340 JB Racing António Ferreira CAN AM X3 XRS  
Tiago Dias
342 Benimoto Racing Ricardo Oliveira CAN AM X3  
Inês Oliveira
344 Vitória FC by SGS CAR Arnaldo Monteiro CAN AM Maverick  
Nuno Morais
346 Grupo Santag / JPR Motors / Pedrinha David Feixeira CAN AM X3  
347 Grupo Santag / JPR Motors / Pedrinha Márcio Vieira CAN AM X3  
Sérgio Faria
348   Rui Serpa Polaris Pro XP  
Humberto Valadas
353 Benimoto Racing Daniel Mahseredjian CAN AM X3  
Gonçalo Magalhães
354   Miguel Cunha CAN AM Maverick X3  
355 FGil SLB Team André Rodrigues Yamaha YXZ 1000R  
Ricardo Porto Nunes
356   Paulo Figueiredo Polaris RZR 1000  
João Azeiteiro
357   Filipe Rodrigues Yamaha YXZ  
361 Benimoto Racing Alexandre Pinto CAN AM X3  
Fábio Belo
365 JB Racing Sérgio Vaz CAN AM X3 XRS  
André Vasconcelos
366 Franco Sport Alexandre Relvas Yamaha YXZ 1000R  
Vera Bandeira
368 Benimoto Racing Miguel Barbas CAN AM X3  
Nuno Neves
370   Adérito Gato CAN AM X3  
Manuel Gato
372 The Racing Factory Nuno Pereira CAN AM Maverick X3  
Pedro Borges
375 Benimoto Racing Hélder Novo CAN AM X3  
Eduardo Nogueira
376 CAN AM OffRoad Portugal Nuno Sousa Bombardier Maverick X3  
Miguel Rebelo
377 Vaz Power Parts / Motor 46 Marco Silva Yamaha YXZ 1000R  
João Silva
378   Hélder Barreirinhas Can AM X3 Maverick  
João Sousa
380   Rui Carneiro CAN AM X3  
José Azevedo
382 Vitória FC by SGS CAR Romeu Martins Bombardier CAN AM Maverick  
João Dias
387 Team CAN AM OffRoad Portugal Herlander Araújo Bombardier Maverixck  
Marco Nunes
389   Diogo Mendes Bombardier Maverick  
Eduardo Mendes
390   Francisco Palmela CAN AM X3 XRS  
391   Josep Fallada Can AM Maverick X3 RS  
Raul Navas
392   Pedro Pinha CAN AM Maverick X3  
João Pinha
393   João Carpinteiro Polaris Turbo  
José Duarte
394 The Racing Factory Diamantino Ferreira CAN AM Maverick X3  
Carlos Mendes
395   Vitor Domingos Bombardier X3  
396   Carlos Alves Bombardier CAN AM Maverick  


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